Zara brand managament

Brand Its name is well known all over the world, but it is very young brand in our country. Therefore, I took this brand in order to show how young and popular brand that recently came to the retail market is going to be developed, communicated and bring value to its Kazakhstani consumers. The first part of this work talks about the brand Zara itself.

Zara brand managament

June 2, 4. On the other hand, management is the set of systems and processes that are designed to achieve those goals Gleeson, The optimal point in successfully achieving the desired goals is when strong leadership is met with great management Gleeson, While a leader creates a vision for the long-term, a manager creates a goal for the short-term Arruda, Strategic leadership in particular focuses on the entire organisation and the leadership by top-level executives, where normal leadership focuses on the leadership by mid-to-low level management Louw and Venter, Effective leadership incorporates the ability to learn, adapt and understand the environment in which the organisation operates Louw and Venter, Leadership and management structure 4.

Leadership of the organisation The founder and former CEO of Zara Armancio Ortega, remains a crucial part the organisation as he sets the leadership and vision for the organisation Economist, He has a unique leadership and management style whereby his preference is for close and personal interactions and has a down-to-earth, humble and hands on leadership style Buck, ; Economist, His leadership style is very introverted, where he has a very low profile and rarely appears in public Economist, This also translates into the organisation as a whole and specifically their corporate culture where they do not advertise, but rather they spend money on their stores and products Buck, ; Economist, This is also reinforced in their leadership style of wanting to be perceived as a high-end store where they are often located in high-end shopping centres near to luxury brands Buck, The management style of the organisation is very consumer focused; whereby Zara is always seeking to understand exactly what their consumers want and then translate this into their product offerings Buck, Zara rely heavily on their store managers to identify what customers demands are so that they are able to translate this back into their manufacturing Ruddick, This is evident in their leadership values of teamwork, open communications and self imposed high-standards that lead to a clear direction and guidance for their employees and the organisation as a whole Inditex, Their customer-oriented approach is also extended to employees, as they encourage the growth and development of their employees by offering training programmes Inditex, Based on the above, it is clear that Zara have an effective leadership and management in place as they promote learning and understanding within their business model.

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Additionally, their leadership style correlates with the strategies that the company use within their business model, that will be discussed in detail later on, which creates synergy within the organisation.

Management structure Management structure refers to how a company organises it management hierarchy Wharton, n. The Board of Directors set out the future goals to be achieved by the company in order to maximize the value of the company in the long term Inditex, Their value chain is as follows Inditex, Values refer to the manner in which the company hopes to achieve their goals and manage the organisation Louw and Venter, The Code is based on five key principles Inditex, A mission provides an organisation with a direction in which to develop strategies that responds to changing trends Louw and Venter, Inditex is committed to its customers; which means that its more than ,strong workforce is focused on staying true to its word.

This mission of Zara is appropriate to their leadership and management styles as it depicts their commitment to their customers, high standards and open communication with stakeholders.

Zara brand managament

Strategic intent uses targets of a desired leadership position in order to guide a company to compete in an innovative way Hamel and Prahalad, Leadership and management styles 4. Their leadership and management style is all about creating an open, dynamic and down-to-earth organizational culture Hm, On the other hand, having a strong organizational culture contributes to the brand identity and values of the organization Alton, The downside to this is that they may not benefit from having innovative employees and can miss out of growth opportunities.

Where their duties include establishing a work plan once a year, discussing strategy for the organization and verifying financial reports Hm, Zara‘s accounts on social media The 4Ps of Zara: 1. Product: Inditex describes Zara as the brand for the latest fashion for women, men, and children.

Product lines include: apparel, footwear and accessories.

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Inditex also claims that Zara is not a luxury-brand. 2. Transcript of ZARA: BRAND STRATEGY ANALYSIS. ZARA: BUSINESS STRATEGY ANALYSIS VISION AND MISSION ZARA's mission statement: “ZARA is committed to satisfying the desires of our customers. As a result we pledge to continuously innovate our business to improve your experience.

Increase profits through cost management and tax savings strategy. The second part of this report demonstrates the six general criteria of brand elements of Zara, the elements of being successful, POD/POP and, of course the consumer based brand equity pyramid of Kazakhstani consumers.

Finally, the paper identifies the main . Zara Brand Managament Words | 12 Pages Strategic Research [pic] BRAND MANAGEMENT MK Individual Assignment Theme: “Zara” brand Instructor: Elmira Bogoviyeva Written by: Tulegenova Aigerim - [pic] Abstract The focus of this paper is to analyze the one of the most popular brand name called Zara.

Brand Uniqueness Not many people know this, but Zara is a very unique fashion company compared to other mega fashion brands. Instead of focusing on inventing the next clothing item people want to buy, Zara built an advanced technology that can bias or push their entire clothing line production in blazing speed to meet what real customers are actually buying across the stores.

Zara is now one of the most valuable clothing and accessories retailer brand in the world.

Zara brand managament

In , its brand value was more than 5, million dollars. In fact, Zara is the only brand from Spain which belongs to the list of top valuable brands in the world.