Write a short paragraph on my first cycling experience

Where was my bicycle made? The blog and post have now gone from the web along with the Allanti Bicycle Company but I have been able to get a copy of that original post which I have reproduced here. While is a post from and time has moved on, more recent blog postings suggest that really not much has changed. Bicycle manufacturing is still very much in Asia despite what is maybe stated on your bicycle and there are still a few major players making bicycles for others.

Write a short paragraph on my first cycling experience

This is arguable advice at best and I will explain why below.

write a short paragraph on my first cycling experience

Bear in mind that much of this effort is not contributing directly to propelling the bike but merely to stabilising foot and ankle. When deciding on a cleat position you need to know what type of riding is intended and for what duration and at what intensity. Below are three views about how to determine cleat position.

Each are effective and which one you should choose depends on on what your priorities are on the bike. A t the end of this post will be advice to help you determine which method is best for you.

Firstly, an explanatory note: Method 3 came to my attention after many email conversations with and a subsequent visit by Gotz Heine. Like riding up a hill forcing the gear a bit or accelerating a big gear while staying seated.

All riders do these things from time to time.

MAF or Maffetone Training for Cycling - The Tall Cyclist

Under these and similar conditions, the rider will drop their heel more than they do at lighter loads. Where now is the ball of the foot?

write a short paragraph on my first cycling experience

It is not centred over the pedal axle. I would go further and say for best sustainable performance, the centre of the ball of the foot 1st MTP joint should be in front of the pedal axle even with a significant heel drop.

Some general recommendations follow below. These are based on trial and error testing on thousands of subjects over many years.


They are general recommendations for those that want simple answers to a complex question, but are not to be considered specific to any individual. Long experience has shown me that they will work for some level of benefit for the vast majority of performance oriented riders.

Shoe size 36 — One caveat — The above table is for road and mtb riders of average technique. Exceptional heel droppers will need their cleats further back again. Exceptional toe droppers will not need their cleats quite as far back.

Crit riders and those who need to optimise their sprinting abilities should use the lower end of the scale. If you choose to apply the recommendations above, you need to be able to find out exactly where the centre of the ball of the foot is and then mark that point on the shoe.Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more.

Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for. Maffetone Training for Cycling. My continuous extremely positive experience with the MAF Method can be found under the Me and MAF tag..

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