Integrating transmedia storytelling with mobile app

Download Now Stories, whether they are fact or fiction, popular or not, are a proven method of pedagogy. In the age of media convergence and with the advancement of technology, stories have morphed into new forms; however, their core purpose remains the same, which is to pass on knowledge and information. The internet, with its inherent interactivity, and story, with its inherent capacity to engage, can lead to innovative and transformative learning experiences in media-rich environments. This book focuses on web-based Transmedia Storytelling Edutainment TmSE as an andragogical practice in higher education.

Integrating transmedia storytelling with mobile app

Digital Asset Management But once the conversation turns to how we can support digital storytelling through integrated content management, we find that we can better align the role of DAM with the business vision. This is a better story to tell than droning on about the importance of metadata and yes, metadata is still important!

Digital storytelling's rise parallels the rapid rise in the digital world's complexity, as well as the raised level of noise and competition for attention.

Digital storytelling is a way of more deeply engaging those audiences, and unlike traditional linear narrative think books, theatre and moviesit offers many ways to involve the audience in interactive activities and multi-layered story worlds.

For example, a movie or publishing franchise may have a combination of video, books, games, toys, live events and social media activities all under the umbrella of a single unified story theme.

The digital assets required to manage such a complex and multi-dimensional campaign are often staggering in number. A colleague recently told me about an interactive campaign for a global soft drink brand that required the management of around 80, pieces of digital video -- and the metadata needed to organize them!

The Challenges of Internet 3. They are both important, but quite different from each other.


Cross-platform distribution may mean that a particular video might be repurposed on the corporate website, a YouTube channel and Facebook account. With transmedia storytelling, a campaign spans across different, but complementary, media products.

A great example of transmedia storytelling is the now famous Chipotle Scarecrow story, deemed the most successful digital marketing campaign of last year.

The combination of well-crafted video story with other supporting transmedia elements created an immersive and interactive experience, while also positioning the brand as a hero against bad food practices. The story succeeded because it created a strong bond of shared values between the customer and the brand -- it made it personal.

In another taco-related story, Taco Bell launched their Doritos Locos Tacos product with a campaign that was supported by massive amounts of user generated content UGC.

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Taco Bell now sells about 1 million Doritos Locos Tacos every daybased on a successful UGC-driven social media campaign on YouTube, Twitter and Instagram, and including customer selfies displayed on a digital billboard in Times Square.

They also use UGC assets in their advertising. UGC creates another challenge for digital asset managers. Meeting these challenges and taking advantage of the tremendous opportunities they bring, requires a level of cooperation, agility and technology systems support that surpasses the capacity of most organizations.

Yet the amount of industry attention that these approaches are getting speaks to the urgency to get this right. This is where we might expect DAM to come in and save the day. But we actually need two key components within the organization: The technology is important -- even vital, given the growing number of media assets and amount of information associated with their usage.

But no technology will magically make an organization capable of strategic storytelling.

What's the Value of DAM? Let Me Tell You a Story

Cooperation and agility must be addressed through training and culture. Not at all -- we still need that vital human component. While technology integrations have hard benefits that are easier to quantify, the benefits of integrating human and systems resources may be more compelling.

These include linking assets and people across departmental silos, vendors and agency partners. A unified platform also supports routinized collaboration and integrated work practices.

We need to provide a unified vision and a storytelling team that knows how to use these tools together. It may include writers, producers, video and photography editors, DAM managers and post-production support.

It should include support for website, social media and other distribution platforms.The Digital Humanities Summer Institute at the University of Victoria provides an ideal environment for discussing and learning about new computing technologies and how they are influencing teaching, research, dissemination, and preservation in different disciplines.

Transmedia storytelling with apps could expand but also exploit children's stories September 18, by Natalia Kucirkova, The Conversation Storytelling has come on a long way. In this paper we analyze the evolution of mobile television, mobile video, mobile music and mobile video games in the light of three intertwined processes: in first place, the drift of media.

Mobile Digital Stories in Rural Development Contexts Digital storytelling applications offer unique value in that our constructs associate with a heritage of writing and enabling rural communities in developing regions to share these may differ from those in cultures with the oral ‘texts’ local information and participate in decisions.

Integrating transmedia storytelling with mobile app

Feb 17,  · Transmedia Storytelling Which (Hollywood) movies and movie franchises, independent films, and no-budget features, and short films from around the world, have a dedicated iPad or iPhone app? Lugunova Darya, Marketing Manager at ComboApp.

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Transmedia Storytelling By Henry Jenkins I designed this handout on transmedia storytelling to distribute to my students.

More recently, I passed it out at a teaching workshop at the Society for Cinema and Media Studies. I thought it might be of value to more of you out there in the community.

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