Indias transformation

The government requirement to limit foreign ownership of JVs to 26 percent is also a tough one, but sofar Machlis said Elbit has managed to cope. It will enable us to bring more technology and know how, and bring even more capabilities to these JVs. On one hand, these systems blend clear operational requirements, accurate ballistics, and measurable data and orderly procedures that can be transformed into effective and streamlined mechanized and computerized processes. In fact, a modern artillery gun is a highly sophisticated robot, operated that will be operated by a reduced crew.

Indias transformation

Among the BRICS economies, Indias transformation ranks lowest on information and communications technology development, with a score comparable to that of Africa on average.

Despite obvious differences, African economies and India have faced many similar challenges to digital transformation: However, India has successfully launched many unique digital initiatives in the last few years.

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Develop a national digital identification system Having a digital identity is the very basis of functioning in a digital economy. It is a key enabler of access to government benefits, cross-border authentication, digital payments and e-commerce growth.

Indias transformation

Launched less than a decade ago, it already has over a billion Indian residents enrolled and uses cloud Indias transformation to allocate a unique digit identification number to each person based on their demographic and biometric information.

The best comparable example within Africa is the Ghana Card, aiming to rapidly deliver public services to Ghanaian citizens.

The Aadhar card has however suffered from its own issues around data privacy, information leaks and data storage. To avoid similar pitfalls, African governments should address data security issues before implementing their national identification schemes.

They can do this by introducing virtual IDs that add an extra data security layer what India is doing nowautomating security procedures, giving privacy and security training to employees in data-related activities, and putting plans in place for responding to data breaches.

Each MVNO then sells services, such as data for internet, at its own price. As firms compete for market share, the cost of internet can fall, which would be particularly useful in African countries where the telecom market is more monopolistic.

URBANET | Part I: India's Urban Transformation

As a result, we have seen an 8. Other African countries that grant licenses for MVNOs should see similarly significant improvements in internet costs and access. InIndia set up the National Skill Development Policy to provide an overall framework for all skills-related activities within the country, to link them with skill-demand centres and to align them with common standards.

A key aim is to improve attitudes to technical and vocational educational training TVET through awareness campaigns and introductory certificates in education.

Indias transformation

India has also set up schemes providing easy access to information on the demand and supply of skills in a particular sector or location; promoting industry-academia collaboration; and boosting tertiary education with a focus on science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

It is now developing a National Skills Qualification Frameworkwhich is expected to allow easier transition from the non-formal to the organised job market through recognising and certifying prior learning.

Short term training will also be provided for people who are unemployed or have dropped out of school or college.Browse our news. Read the latest news on university research, initiatives and successes.

Indian Wife's Transformation When Priya came home from her evening classes that day she sounded quite happy and excited.

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October 24/ Sea trials India’s sole operational aircraft carrier will start sea trials by the start of next INS Vikramaditya recently completed its second refitment at Cochin Shipyard, a process which cost close to $96 million.

Captain Puruvir Das, the carrier’s commanding officer, told the New Indian Express “soon, we will start the sea trials, which will take place off the. FlightGlobal is the global aviation community’s primary source of news, data, insight, knowledge and expertise.

We provide news, data, analytics and advisory services to connect the aviation. The Billionaire Raj, a new book on India’s economic transformation by James Crabtree — who was, until recently, the Mumbai bureau chief for the Financial Times — is a curate’s egg.

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