Celebrities being bad role models essay

My Role Models Many people look to someone to serve as a model or motivator for their life.

Celebrities being bad role models essay

Media is the main reason why these children copy celebrities. In seconds media can have a story sent all around the world and into the ears an heads of children who read or hear these stories. Media always seems to focus more on the bad things celebrities do like if a celebrity is donating a lot of his time to help research a cure for a HIV and another celebrity gets caught racing his car the celebrity racing his car will defiantly be the one who is acknowledged for there actions.

Instead they should be using this power of the media they poses to being good things that will give off positive influences to children. This probably wont happen though cause most celebrities actually become more famous and popular for the bad things they do than the good so why would they stop doing something that will make them more popular.

On the other side you have the celebrities Celebrities being bad role models essay that it is the parents fault that there kids are doing what they are dong. Parents can also explain to there children that celebrities are given more leeway from police and judges because of the reputation and money.

In the past century parents have been giving more freedom to there children if you got caught smoking marijuana or drinking alcohol around forty or fifty years ago you would get a beating of a life time from your parents but due to so many law changes and new laws things are not like they used to be.

Celebrities being bad role models essay

There is not much a parent can do now to prevent there children from doing something bad except for sitting them down and giving them a stern talk.

Now a lot of the time as children grow up they decide they want to go down a different path in there life and not the one there parent went down so they will target a role model who fits there idea of the person they want to become. The instigator of this whole debate is all of these media sources exploiting these celebrities like they are animals.

The people who work for media constantly following these celebrities taking pictures and looking for everything they do wrong.

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I would never want to live a life full of people constantly following me around taking pictures; That has to be one of the most stressful jobs in the world sure they are going home to there mansions and driving around nice cars but a lot of these celebrities actually suffer from depression because of all this fame they have.

Anyone that young with that much money and power would surely do the same exact thing he is doing now. One exception I think is Miley Cyrus she started he career out on the Disney channel with millions upon millions of little girls watching her so now when those girls are all of a sudden seeing her smoke marijuana on stage and dressing in outfits that make her look half naked they are going to mimic her actions.

Miley Cyrus was well aware that she was the role model to all these little girls and is using that to her advantage because she knows anything she does her millions of followers will do the same. It even made breaking headlines over the potential war that could be happening between Russia and Ukraine.

So yeah no one is to really blame for all of this because no one wants this to happen except for a select few.

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Please check your internet connection or reload this page. The individuals that made this list are clearly not people you would want to emulate or have anyone you care about look up to as an example. It’s not the intention of this list to judge their actions, simply to cite them as an example of what is not role model material.

It could be argued that there are some celebrities who are good role models and some who aren't. Personally, I don't think it's that simple though.

I think people are too complex to be labeled as 'good role models' or 'bad role models' in most cases. Professional athletes and celebrities make amazing role models but they can also be a really bad one too.

Celebrities being bad role models essay

People nowadays are so closed minded and quickly judge others when they do wrong. Jun 02,  · Celebs + Role Model= Bad What comes to mind when you hear “Role Models”. Is it Martin Luther King Jr, George Washington, and Barack Obama? To .

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