Americans are uneducated essay

For the most part, the more schooling you receive, the more successful you will be in your chosen path. In general, people who drop out or receive minimal education are probably headed toward a long, torturous career slinging burgers at a fast food joint. But here are ten famously successful people who stand as exceptions to the rule: Rockefeller Billionaire Before becoming possibly the richest man in history taking inflation into accountJohn Rockefeller was the lowly son of a dodgy con artist and high-school student in suburban Cleveland, Ohio.

Americans are uneducated essay

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In short, Chavez seeks to first outline and then destroy the stereotype that Hispanics are little more than burdens to society. She begins by clarifying exactly what it means to be Hispanic. She first explains these differences, and then details some positive examples.

She points to Cuban immigrants and their children, who have managed to bridge the social and economic gap separating them from middle-class status in only one generation.

She next tackles Mexican immigrants and Mexican-Americans, and starts off by acknowledging the fact that Mexicans seem to be stalling as a whole. However, she then asserts that judging the Mexican subgroup in terms of post-civil rights viewpoints is wrong and outdated.

To start, many new Mexican-Americans do not come from previous Mexican-American generations. A possible reason for the Mexican subgroup not bridging the socio-economic gap is that many Mexican-Americans are newly arrived to the United States, and possess the same disadvantages mostly all immigrants face: The only reason, Chavez says, Mexicans are singled out in the first place is because they are currently the largest subgroup immigrating to the United States.

As paradoxical as it sounds, one of the main reasons that newly-immigrated Mexican Americans mostly remain in poverty could be one of the reasons why American-born Mexican Americans achieve their success: Men are expected to work and support their families while women are expected to stay home and raise children.

This could explain the poverty many Mexican-American immigrants are facing: Chavez wraps up her article in a hopeful manner, stressing that decades of native-born Mexican Americans have given us a far more hopeful future than before.

I think one of the main reasons whites have this stereotype of Hispanics is definitely because they fail to see the difference between native-born and foreign-born Mexican Americans.

Coming from a Cuban father, I agree with her that Cubans can be a lot more successful than Mexicans, but I believe this to be a difference of cultures: Cubans are much more loyal to the community as a whole, whereas Mexicans carry the most loyalty to their families and little else.

As a whole, I liked this article because it explains and then tears down some pretty powerful stereotypes.

Americans are uneducated essay

It puts a lot of things into context, and I think a lot of people would benefit from knowing this. If you are a native-born minority, how do you personally view foreign-born minorities?

What possible benefits are there from knowing all of this information?13 days ago · A “Civil War” Lesson for the Uneducated Paul Craig Roberts In response to my short essay on November 9.

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EBook PDF KB This. Perhaps most damaging is the historically grounded mythology depicting Native Americans, especially the males, as drunk, uneducated savages. This stereotype includes the view of Native Americans as recipients of government largess who reside on government-sponsored reservation land while engaged with gambling casinos.

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